Timeless Wedding Venues and Event Barns

From a rustic country feel to the elegance found only in timber frame construction, wedding and event barns are growing in popularity. And, as more couples and families choose to celebrate in an authentic atmosphere, the profitability behind a wedding and special events barn venue is increasing too.

Turn your property into an unforgettable wedding venue by adding a beautiful, custom designed event barn. Whether you envision the soaring expanses of an open dance floor or the intimate appeal of a warm, modest setting – a custom timber frame barn can add value to your event and wedding business.

Built for Beauty and Strength

As a full-service, custom builder, B&D Builders specializes in designing and building the classic American barn or bank barn by using centuries-old techniques and traditions of joining heavy timber frames with a mortise and tenon method, supported by wooden pegs and brackets. Our woodworkers and craftsmen use authentic old-style building techniques, while also incorporating all of today’s amenities, such as temperature controlled environments, electrical outlets, and lighting.

The end result is a beautiful, open space event barn with exposed timbers, wooden floors and unique character you just can’t find anywhere else.

Built for Safety

As an experienced barn builder we also consider building needs others might miss. Timber frame construction adds country charm to your event space, as well as superior strength and durability. Whether you’re hosting 30 or 300 guests, you’ll need to be sure the structure of your building is built with safety in mind. As custom builders, B&D knows how to help you navigate any building safety, environmental, accessibility, and structural concerns.

Working with B&D Builders

Working with B&D, you can completely customize your event barn, allowing your business to be as big or as intimate as you’d like it to be. When you work with B&D custom builders you can specify custom flooring for your dance floor, upper and lower level designs, extra areas for storage or meeting rooms, and custom details that help your wedding venue be more memorable and profitable.

B&D Builders has the experience needed to help you plan for your wedding barn venue’s success. We take the time to listen to our customers, and to help them consider amenities to help their businesses thrive.

Barn amenities to consider:interior view of custom wedding event barn

  • Bride & groom quarters
  • Adequate bathroom based on maximum occupancy
  • Full kitchen for caterer
  • Loft or full second story
  • Garage for storage
  • Windows for natural light
  • Lighting to create ambiance
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Electrical outlets for sound system
  • Fireplace
  • Bar set-up
  • Parking
  • Gazebo

Call us at 717-687-0292 to discuss your project or to arrange a tour of our some of our barns. Or, complete the contact form to start making your dream arena come to life.