Our Barn Building Process

Process-11. Initial Concept and Site Visit – You’d be surprised how many projects come to us on the back of a napkin or on a scrap sheet of paper made at the kitchen table. In reality, you don’t even need that much. We are eager to help you begin to shape and mold your ideas. We start with a visit to your home (or other job site) to review construction documents, familiarize ourselves with the job site, and learn about your goals. This initial site visit is free of charge; additional visits may incur a fee depending on the situation.

2. Draftsmen –Process-2 All great buildings start with a great master plan. With B&D Builders Design and Drafting Services, your dream comes to life. Our drafting software shows you interior, exterior and cut-away views with proposed architecture and materials. You can even “walk through” the floor plan using our 3-D program.

Process-33. Preliminary Estimate – This so-called “ballpark” estimate gives you a rough idea of the project costs based on your own ideas and/or rough sketches from a design professional. In many cases, a preliminary estimate helps avoid costly detailed architectural drawings for a project that might not be built. (If the plans are fully developed, this stage may not be necessary.)

4. Detailed Estimate – Once the project design and materials are finalized, we provide you with a detailed line-by-line spreadsheet estimate, including estimates from our trade partners.

Process-55. Contract – Once you are ready to proceed with your project, we provide a copy of our standard simple contract for your review. We are also open to discussing the use of AIA (American Institute of Architecture) contracts, if desired. We also require a 5% deposit when the contract is signed.

6. Process-6Project Management Team Formation – Once a contract has been signed, we assign a team of professionals to manage your project. This team will consist of a job supervisor (lead carpenter) and an office-based project manager. These professionals will work with you and the architect/designer to oversee your project every step of the way.

Process-77. Preconstruction – (planning, permits, schedules) – Prior to the start of a project all necessary permits must be in place*. B&D will lead this process with your local jurisdiction, showing them the plans and learning of any special requirements. During this phase we will hold pre-job planning meetings with you and the architect/designer to review the project plans, determine a schedule for ordering materials and coordinating timeframes with our trade partners. (*Permit fees are not included in building costs.)

8. Your Style Process-8– The design process is a journey, in which teamwork, collaboration, communication, relationships and shared vision are critical. During the design process, we uncover or define your style. Whether this is visiting a barn or home you like, reviewing photos, or reviewing a floor plan you may have found online, our job is to help define what you are looking to achieve as a final result. We want this project to reflect your imagination and creative flair, while delivering the functional desires you will interact with every day.

Process-99. Interior Options – The interior is one of the most important parts of your project. So we listen closely to make sure we get it right. From the doors and windows, to the staircase and fireplace, to bead board ceilings or timber frame – the interior design will reflect your personal style. Form and function are aligned to deliver a valuable user experience. The process defines the product. Every decision we make is based on our principles of collaboration, transparency and respect.

10. Construction Begins process-10– This is when the real fun begins! If the job is a renovation, we start by protecting existing finishes and architectural details if necessary or construct dust barriers. If the project is new construction, our site work team will assess site conditions and make recommendations about utilities, excavation, fill storage, or fill removal. Throughout construction, the job supervisor oversees the entire project, directs the crew, checks on quality, interacts with the architect, orders materials, creates schedules and supervises the entire team.

process-1111. Billing – Invoices are issued every two weeks and we can provide any level of documentation that you require.

12. Progress Reports process-12– Unforeseen changes in the schedule – for example, to address an issue uncovered during construction – will be communicated to you as we learn about it. You can also discuss scheduling or any other aspect of your project with the job supervisor at any time.

process-1313. “Changes to the Project after Construction Begins” Policy – In some cases, homeowners may change some aspect of a project, such as a room layout or type of material being used – after the project begins. We are flexible and we can accommodate almost any project change. It is important to note that schedule and price may be affected by changes in scope, but we make every attempt to keep the owner informed of the cost and schedule implications caused by changes in the work.

14. Project Completion process-14– As the project nears completion, the project team will compile a “punch list” of items that need to be completed. B&D will work on these items prior to the official architect’s punch list in order to accelerate project completion.

process-1515. Warranty – Officially, B&D Builders offers a one-year warranty on labor and materials. However, depending on the nature of the problem, we typically take care of issues after the warranty period has ended.

process-1616. Finishing Touches – How your cupola looks as you drive down the driveway is important to you and we get that. We also understand when you want the finished project to look like it’s been a part of the landscape for 100 years, while still reflecting your contemporary style. From landscaping, wood stains and outbuildings, we manage each detail through to completion.

17. process-17Your Completed Dream – Finally the day comes when we walk with you around your completed project. What we work to achieve every time is for you to look around and say – “I love it. This is exactly what I wanted.”